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Cut Fiber Gaskets

We can supply soft gaskets in Asbestos or Non Asbestos Grade for you are requirement. The gaskets can be custom made as per your requirement. Please select the grade you want from jointing sheet section.

We also stock many ASA 150 class raised faces gaskets in ready stock. Please contact us for your requirement.

Spiral Wound Gaskets:

Special Spring like Metal strips are wound with an Asbestos Filler by a special process to assure a leak proof seal. The sealing is done by the Asbestos Filler and the metal strip provides the spring. This combination of metal and soft asbestos Filler piles compresses to its predetermined thickness under bolting pressure and thereby preventing leakage within the limit of its specified pressure and temperature ranges. With the addition of Centering devices, adapt Spiral Wound Gaskets to use on many types of flanges and closures.

Materials: Standard materials are type 304 Stainless steel with white Canadian (Chrysotlie) Asbestos Filler.

Type 304 StainlessCompressed Asbestos Jointing Strips
Type 316 StainlessP.T.F.E. Sintered Strip
AluminiumAsbestos paper
CopperWhite Chrysotile Asbestos
MonelBlue African Crocidolite
Steel, PlainGrafseal
Steel, Zinc Coated
Gasket Thickness Available
1/8″ (3.2 mm).125″ ± .005″ (3.2 mm)
3/16″ (4.8mm).175″ ± .005″ (4.5 mm)

How To Order:

When ordering  Spiral Wound Gaskets, give the following information:

1. Quantity
2. Gasket shape
3. Inside and outside Dimension of Gaskets
4. Flange width
5. Gasket Thickness
6. Operating Pressure
7. Operating Temperature

Expanded Teflon (PTFE) Gasket

Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket is a Universal sheet gasket material for most services. Seals rough and irregular surfaces.Seals of up to 3000+psi can be achieved depending on the flange type & design and type of media being sealed. this gasket is suitable for temperatures to 600°F.

E-PTFE is much softer and more flexible than regular Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket and thus conforms easily to irregular and rough surfaces.

Size as per your specification

Teflon (PTFE) Envelope Gasket are two types:

Teflon (PTFE) Envelope Gasket are two types:

Slit Type : It is available in 0.5 mm to 0.5 mm thick or thickness as per customer requirement.

Milled Type / “U” Type : It is manufactured and available in 0.5 mm flange & gas, as per customer requirement. Envelope gaskets are also available with Asbestos / Non-asbestos & Steel Filler.

Teflon (PTFE) Ring Gasket:

Range of PTFE ring and gasket is manufactured using moulding method with PTEF method with PTEF granular resin. PTFE, compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature. The PTFE ring & gasket offered by us is highly acclaimed by all our clients due to their high reliability as well as durability. These ring joint gaskets are especially designed to withstand exceptionally high assembly loads over a small area, thus producing high seating stresses.