Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Blanket is a light weight needled blanket, provides effective solution to a wide range of thermal insulation applications. Manufactured using state of the art spinning and double needling technique, these blankets offer low thermal conductivity and superior insulation performance.

Blanket is made from high purity Alumina, Silica and Zirconia. It is highly efficient insulator with extremely low shrinkage characteristics.

Applications :

  •   Fire protection
  •   Process heater lining
  •   Boiler and turbine insulation linings
  •   Fuel cell insulation
  •   Chimney insulation
  •   Storage heater tank insulation
  •   Aluminium transfer conveyor.
  •   Heat shielding for automotive parts
  •   Furnace and kiln sealing, packing and back-up insulation

Features :

  •   Smoke free Inorganic
  •   High temperature durability
  •   Excellent thermal insulation
  •   High temperature stability
  •   Resist to thermal shock
  •   Light weight and low heat storage
  •   Chemical stability
  •   Low thermal conductivity
  •   Good sound absorption
  •   Good confrontation to tearing

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