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About Us

Kemplast Inc was established in 1986 with the sole aim of serving process industries in South India. Through exceptional customer services and good quality product we have gained trust within Process Industry.

Our Journey started in 1986, in association with SPITMAAN Industries with the mission of providing quality seals & packing material to Power, Sugar, Paper, Pharma, Cement, F&B and Chemical Industry. We gained customer confidence by providing them with innovative and reliable solutions for their packing needs.

In 2001 we started Kempflon Engineering in association with Thermocare India with the mission of providing our customers Effective Insulation to meet their requirement. Through our dedicated service we have become one stop shop for all their Insulation needs.

In 2017 we partnered with SIEMENS to provide our customers with world class process instrumentation products. Through selecting and making available the right product for their requirement we have improved customer satisfaction further.

We strive to solve our customer problems with innovative solutions, reduce lead-times by maintaining stock of critical items and pass on cost savings achieved through efficiency improvements.