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We are able to service and calibrate almost all types of process instrumentation. After calibration has been completed you will be provided with a certificate. We will also make the data available to you on the phone app “Kalibrate”. Using the app, you can also manage your calibration schedule. This app is available to you free of cost.

During the calibration process if the instrument is found to be out of tolerance the same will be notified to you and if required instrument will be tagged out of service.

We have invested greatly in procuring modern and high-quality portable calibration equipment so that we can provide accurate, repeatable calibrations onsite. The list of calibration equipment and tooling is constantly growing to meet your needs. All of our calibration and repair instruments are calibrated annually to NIST standards, thus ensuring that any calibrations conducted are accurate and reliable.

If you are unsure what your instruments calibration interval should be or if you would like to develop a preventative maintenance plan for your sites instrumentation then please contact us as we can assist you. Our years of experience in a variety of plants and processes enables us to put together a cost-effective plan that will save you money in the long run.

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