Safety Relief Valves – SR07

Product Details:

The SR-07 are spring loaded safety relief valves, specially designed and manufactured to API 526. These valves have been optimized in close cooperation with plant engineers and service specialists, simplifying design with fewer components for less down time, fewer spare parts and lower maintenance costs.

SR-07 has been engineered and designed to provide high quality performance standards for over pressure protection for air, gas, steam and vapour as well as liquid phase applications. This valve provides highly effective solution for various applications as in refineries, chemical industry, fertilizer plant, petrochemical industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Storage tank systems etc.


  • High Capacity & Performance: Full compliance with ASME SEC VIII Div.1 standard 526, 520 & 527. Designed on concepts of safety, high performance, interchangeability and simplicity. Suitable for air, gas, steam, cryogenic and liquid service.

  • Simplified design for Built-in-safety:
      Fool-proof design with few parts for build-in safety.
      Two point guided nozzle for improved alignment.
      Arrangement for draining.
  • Trouble free operation:
      Designed to API 526 Std the nozzle, self-aligning top guided disc & Piston are made from stainless steel from different grades providing sufficient difference of hardness to prevent seizing or galling.
      Self-aligned disc is designed to withstand high & low temperature without leakage due to non-uniform thermal expansion.
      Series SR-07 is metal to metal seated valves, these valves are carefully lapped & mirror polished. This lapping together with the disc design assures excellent tightness & easy maintenance.
      Series SR-07 is provided with a soft seat (such as Nitrile, fluorocarbon for applications where premium tightness is required) designed so that it cannot blow out under pressure.
  • Designed for interchangeability:Valve configuration can be changed from metal to metal to soft seat by simply changing the trim sub-assembly.


  • Valve size: 1” (DN25) – 8” (DN200)
  • Inlet Rating : 150# – 2500#
  • Outlet Rating : 150# and 300#
  • End connection : Flanged (As per ASME B16.5)
  • Orifice & Mounting dimensions :As per API 526
  • Maximum set pressure : 414 barg