Pilot Operated Relief Valve w/ Vacuum Breaker

Product Details:
Usage/Application Industrial
Material Stainless Steel
Valve Size 12”
Model Name/Number 1420
Rust Resistance Yes

The Groth 1400 Series Pilot-Operated Relief Valves are used to replace weight-loaded or spring loaded valves in many applications to increase efficiency and reduce evaporation losses. Several advantages are obtained over the traditional valves. For example, the process pressures may be closer to the set pressure than would be considered prudent and safe with the traditional valve. Additionally, greater conservation is obtained due to minimum product loss which in turn provides increased profits.


• Ease of precision settings
• Only the pilot needs to be set
• Lower profile and weight than spring operated models for high settings
• Remote pilot sensing option allows the pilot to sense the true system pressure
• Remote or manual blowdown available
• Main valve remains tight to set pressure
• Full open at 10% overpressure
• Modulating action conserves product
• Soft seating creates tight seal to conserve product and minimize valve wear
• Top entry allows valve to be services without removal from mounting